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BULLETSPORT | Oceans7 - Extreme Swim Challenge - Toni Enderli

BULLETSport SEVEN OCEANS 休閒家俱 LOCAL TABLE VIEW BUSINESS & FAMILY MAN, TONI ENDERLI, TAKES ON OCEAN’S SEVEN TONI’S STORY"I began open water swimming in 2009. The freedom, connection with nature and pure challenge associated with it had me right from the start – I was hooked. It has become the catalyst for the rest of the challenges I face, the drive I developed for swimming seeped into all the other areas of my life – career, family and personal goals. The way in which I began to face these aspects was the way in which I had learned to face my swimming challenges – with passion, unwavering determination and maximum positivity. Open water swimming has taught me that it does not matter how old or young or you are, nothing is impossible and whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve – if you want it badly enough!"It does not matter about the position or situation you are within your life – as long as you never give up and carry on moving forward, you will eventually get through it – like any strong current. You have to push your own boundaries in order to grow and learn. To do that, you need to keep asking questions and strive to grow on a daily basis. If you stay within your comfort zone you will never grow or experience life at its fullest. Open water swimming has taught me to live & embrace the ‘moment’, to be thankful and humble for what I have. Open Water swimming has led me to find ‘MY WHY’ "2 DOWN, 5 TO GOWith the Straits of Gibraltar and English Channel crossings under the belt, Toni Enderli have decided to take on a huge life challenge and dedicate the next 3 years to the legacy he wants to leave. The 3 year challenge begins with 2 years of constant, solid training in order to prepare him to face the biggest achievement Open Water swimming has to offer – ‘Ocean’s Seven’. Of the seven open water swims that make up this challenge, Toni already completed 2 (Straights of Gibraltar and the English Channel crossing).THE ‘OCEAN’S SEVEN’ CHALLENGE IN A NUTSHELL BY WIKIPEDIAOcean’s Seven consists of seven long-distance open-water swims, and is considered the marathon swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. It includes the North Channel, the Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar. Stephen Redmond of Ireland was the first person ever to complete all seven swims. Since then, five others have completed the septuplet: Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), Michelle Macy (United States), Darren Miller (United States) Adam Walker[1] (United Kingdom) and Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand)."In exactly 1 year we will be leaving for LA to start our Oceans 7 journey by swimming the Catalina & Molokai Channel.Check out the Video Intro which will show you what we are up against" - Toni EnderliYou can find out more about this extraordniary local business & family man here Filmed and Produced by Silverline Productions in association with Bullet TVTags :Swimming Swimming family Open water swimming USA Swimming SWIM DEEP Swimming World Swimming pool Ocean's Eleven (2001) Generosity Water SA Tableview Neighbourhood Watch Tableview Tableview Freecycle South Africa Extreme Sports

Posted by Bullet TV on Monday, 18 July 2016
BULLETSport | Last Fighter Standing

BULLETSport Last Fighter Standing Fighters Bullet TV is proud to be associated with the 1st of it's kind Martial Arts Championship, Last Fighter Standing. taking place in South Africa, July - October 2016. Spread the word as we will bring you amazing entertainment, filled with riveting moments made of sweat, blood and guts...keep your eyes on Bullet TV as we create explosions! BULLET TV will bring you profile updates, LIVE streams, post fight broadcasts and create EXPLOSIONS as we keep you hot in your seat !ABOUT LAST FIGHTER STANDING:A Number of rules make LFS a unique fighting concept. Only 20 seconds on the ground gives fighters a chance to perform more all rounded fight, having to display best of their striking skill , same time as best of their ground techniques due to the limited time on the ground. With shortened 2 minutes 3 rounds bouts, fighters will deliver a much more explosive performance, promising to deliver a higher rate of KO’s and spectacular ground and pound or submission finishes.LFS also has a unique hexagon shape ring – with no cage – with five ropes, and cameras mounted on every corner for a first-of-a-kind 360 degree view. This ensures that television viewers will not miss a second of pulse-pounding excitement and have a chance to observe a fight from every angle.Another exciting aspect of the sport is the fact that there is absolutely no differentiation between male and female fighters when it comes to rules or purses, acknowledging the growing numbers of top-notch female fighters worldwide. The prize money is equal in each weight division for both the male and female winners, and thus acknowledging efforts and determination of both genders equally . Female fighters will also get the recognition that they deserve.LFS holds nothing back. It demands everything that fighters have to offer. For athletes, it is a chance to reach the pinnacle of their fighting career. For spectators, each round is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride like they have never experienced in the support of fighting!!Be a witness to the birth of the new world combat sport and let the new era of fighting begin!!

Posted by Bullet TV on Thursday, 14 April 2016

Funderland is a unique 11-day festival that promises all of this and more when the first-ever event of its kind kicks off at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town from 28 March to 7 April 2018. Funderland is packed with 28 different FunZones, where you can experience everything from dinosaurs to gaming and technology, to a Princess Dreamhouse, cooking fun, outdoor sports and much more. Adding to the fun are stage shows that include magicians, dancers and musicians.TAGS I adidas The Ice Station GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World Simply I love Cape Town Computicket Nu Metro Burger King Andriette van Zyl Samsung Rectron South Africa Heart 104.9FM Kaleidosound Music & Media Link A Lead Russell Fox - Magician Insane Jp Carelse Tyrone Paulsen Irma G Aden Thomas SA Kids On The Go! Things to do with kids MakerBot GIGABYTE Canon South Africa Caring Daisies NutriBullet SA Football4All ACGL Lenovo Africa Microsoft SA Densley Carolissen Live Entertainment ZA#FunderlandFamilyFestival #SimunyeWeareOne #FunderBuddy #onechildonesmile #talentsearch #FamilyFunFortheFuture #sendmeyourlocation #ShapeourFuture #LearnthroughPlay #Funderkids #FunderFuture #FunZones #SudanConserve #shopitilikeit #AmanziWaterwise #KotiKotiRecycle #HarryWellness #GleeHappy #SimunyeUnity #UmkhuseliHero #OwlbirdLearn

Posted by Funderland on Wednesday, 28 March 2018

BULLETSportOne needs to understand that all sports people have the burning desire to be the best and are competitive beyond anything. They are hard workers that work with shear persistence and the best attitude to never give up. They have mentors and heroes who inspires them and they become mentors and heroes who inspires.A number of brands are associated with sports today and they are mostly associated with those athletics that are liked by one and all and that can promote their products. BULLETSport opens a new dimension to brand association and advertising including covering of sports events as post-productions and or LIVE STREAMING direct to a targeted audience right here on Facebook. Talk to us, we create explosions!Promo Video Credits:Special thanks for material supplied (under fair-use licensing) to: Cape Epic SA | RubinJJ USA | Silverline Productions SA | Darius LFS SA | Big Air Kite-boarding CT | Music: Electro House Mix (royalty free) | Creative Directing, Production & Editing: Bullet TV ©

Posted by Bullet TV on Friday, 11 March 2016

Talent Show going on @ Funderland

Posted by Funderland on Sunday, 1 April 2018

Camphill Village is a community of people, some with special needs, who live and work together and more so, a community caring for one another that touches even the hardest heart, right here on the West Coast. The official inauguration of Phase 2 of the 60 kW Solar Photovoltaic Project that aims to take them off the grid, took place on 31 October 2015. Bigshot TV spent the day with Camphill Village who is now powered by the Sun! Watch this inspiring programme right here on Bigshot TV Facebook. (y)

Posted by Bullet TV on Sunday, 8 November 2015

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Business & Strategic management is the art, science, and craft of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organisation to achieve its long-term objectives.

Technology, globalization, and constant change have made the job of leading businesses more exciting, complex, and demanding. Majohi aim to assist you with a customised “Innovation Toolkit,” to design a flexible innovation process for online integration, to adapt to, and profit from, changes in customers, competitors, or markets. Create new business models, launch new products, improve customer experience, and open new markets.


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With the introduction of the Internet online & social media platforms, the way in which we communicate has changed forever. Almost overnight people from all walks of life all around the world had access to informative content, the news and previously controlled information.

We are in a position to voice opinions, share feelings, showcase talents, promote hobbies, sports and brands, share our thoughts and say what we like and don’t like. Very soon this newly found interactivity, the connectivity and communicating ability became the order of the day. Online platforms allow users to have conversations, share information and publish content. There are many online platforms social media, including blogs, micro-blogs, wikis, social networking sites, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, pod casts, widgets, virtual worlds, and more.

Intelligent networking creates outstanding synergies and along the way to the future we will network classic domains completely and intelligently. The future has already begun…


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We provide a broad spectrum of consulting services, from vision and strategy to detailed design.

From implementation and capacity building to realising and sustaining value.