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Must-Have Traits You Want in Your Future Leaders

Must-Have Traits You Want in Your Future Leaders Companies worldwide are experiencing a leadership shortage. The smart ones will identify leaders with these characteristics to move them forward. In establishing a criteria for identifying and developing potential leaders to groom into high-level roles, it would behoove decision makers to look for these top qualities that lead to both great work relationships and equally great business results. 1. Look for superb listening skills. Effective communication isn’t just about talking; future leaders and high-potentials need to have the uncanny ability of active listening. Are you a good or bad listener? Let me test you for a second with these two questions. Now, lets be honest… How often do you find yourself trying hard to avoid the bad habit of interrupting others while they are speaking? Do you find yourself tempted to jump in and finish someone else’s sentence? Active listening is being able to park your thoughts and be 100 percent present, free of distraction. You listen intuitively to the other person’s story, asking questions, and searching conversations for depth, meaning and understanding with their needs in mind. Your future leaders will respond and engage at a high level by listening to remove obstacles and help others succeed. 2. Look for leaders who develop trust quickly. In his phenomenal book The Speed Of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey says that a team with high trust will produce results faster and at lower cost. While conventional thinking says that people have to earn trust first, Covey found that in healthy organizations, leaders are willing to give trust to their followers first, and they give it as a... read more

5 things to give up if you want to be successful

VID-20170624-WA0001 5 THINGS TO GIVE UP IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL   GIVE UP THE SHORT TERM MINDSET GIVE UP ON PLAYING SMALL GIVE UP ON EXCUSES GIVE UP ON YOUR NEED TO BE LIKED GIVE UP ON TOXIC PEOPLE   Having to create a long term success plan is crucial for your future. Most people ignore this thing, thus they get stuck and blame the situation when something have gone wrong. If you don’t want to be like those folks, please bear with me as I am going to show you How to strategically set up your goals. First of all, let’s talk about the importance of creating long term plan. As many of you might already know that we normally anticipate for upcoming events every day. Things like going to school, office, or even a date. Those are short period and predictable. What about when you get graduated from college, have higher position in your job, and getting married. Now are they easy to predict and how sure are you that these expectations will happen? Probably not as apparent as the previous scenarios because they require a little bit of effort plus dedication. In order to achieve a big goal, we simply need a plan. No matter what type of thing you want to achieve, there is specific a procedure required to be followed. You have to make your own path to success. No body is going to do it for you. But remember, the harder the journey, the sweeter the victory! When you have a plan to follow, things are going to be organized. Your awareness is much higher compare to not having... read more


APEX FOOTBALL SCHOOL COMING SOON TO THE SUNNINGDALE, MELKBOSSTRAND, BLOUBERG & TABLEVIEW REGION The APEX Story Apex Football School was established early 2017, following the remarkable journey of a young South African boy, Ruan Meyer who had a burning passion for the game of football, to the extend where he wanted to pursue it as a sport and a career, at any cost. Despite the fact that the school Ruan attended as a young boy didn’t offer Football as a sport, his determination to play the beautiful game of soccer knew no limits and so Ruan joined a league team in the township close to his hometown. Ruan would play rugby as a school sport but in the late afternoons he would slip away to join the township kid’s football practice. Whilst being trained & coached by volunteers in the townships, with every practise his love for the game grew stronger. At the time, Ruan knew no form of formal football coaching and his understanding of the game was rather limited.   He knew there had to be more to football than two teams of 11 players competing against one another, but he had no idea what separated a good team from a bad one. What made Manchester united, Real Madrid and Barcelona such football powerhouses? Ruan’s love for soccer, natural talent and his hunger to learn more about this sport of football, ultimately lead him to England, the home of football, where he finally ended up living his dream. Ruan became a student at Bolton Wanderers Institute of Sport where he did his B-tech level 3 in sport. ... read more


LANGEBAAN SANDS A LUXURY TOWN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT LANGEBAAN SANDS IS A NEW LUXURY TOWN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT IN THE SANDBAAI AREA CLOSE TO THE BEACH AND LANGEBAAN YACHT CLUB AS WELL AS PART OF MYBURG PARK Langebaan Sands lies within the sought after property environment of Myburgh Park, Langebaan, situated on the banks of the Langebaan Lagoon, West Coast National Park. Home owners in Langebaan Sands are within 5 minutes easy walk of the beach and Langebaan Yacht Club. Enjoy the fresh breeze of the Langebaan lagoon while taking in panoramic views filled with indigenous flora. Bird watching, hiking, biking, fishing, sailing, kiting and many more outdoors activities such as golf are part and parcel of the Langebaan Sands investment. WATCH THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK HERE https://www.facebook.com/langebaansands/videos/711257559059319/ The Langebaan Sands development boasts 18 luxury town houses with a choice of two or three bed roomed homes, some with loft conversions and single or double garage options. Each home is built in the unique Sandveld architectural vernacular with bespoke specifications, built on a freehold erf of between 340 to 412 sq. m and own metered services. The layout on the stand has been carefully planned for the optimum use and exposure to the sun and elements. High quality building is a feature and pride of the developer and the builder throughout. The Langebaan Sands Home Owners Association will jealously guard over standards of buildings and lively hood in fellowship according to the Constitution and Code of conduct. Traffic will render no problem in the two clusters each having their own entrance. Langebaan Sands Pty Ltd is a verified NHBRC builder Levies will... read more


  FROM THE PRODUCERS OF LAST FIGHTER STANDING …WELCOME TO THE REALITY TV SERIES LAST BOXER STANDING Last Boxer Standing drives its focus as much on boxing development, as it does on the entertainment and spectator engagement. The Reality Show and the Event is anticipated to maximize Global Boxing viewership and it will drastically increase the commercial aspect of that sport, that in return, will benefit the entire Boxing community.   Internationalfightclub.com – Fight Sports Reality TV shows, Films & Productions It is time to create a Boxing Reality TV Show that can be written into the books of history as the greatest boxing show of the Century. A Boxing show that will give Rise to New Legends from across the world, for many years to come!!  Season 1  brings you BACK IN THE JUNGLE – covering the Last Boxer Standing FOUR NATIONS The LBS Four Nations Championship will have 4 Super Powers send in their best of the best to fight for the honour of their Country. Champions from USA, RUSSIA, JAPAN and CHINA will compete against each other in the Gladiator Style elimination structure on African soil until only ONE stands Victorious and takes the Title and the Honour to their homeland!! This reality sport show will follow the participating boxers and take you into the lives of these boxers covering their stories, training camps, the emotion, dedication and sacrifices that goes on behind the scenes – those untold stories that forms part of the journey to become a legend! SUPPORTERS WILL GET SECURE ONLINE VIEWING SO HOP ON BOARD AND HELP US GIVE BIRTH TO THIS GREAT NEW BOXING SENSATION!... read more


WCCLBS drives its focus as much on boxing development, as it does on the entertainment and spectator engagement. The Reality Show and the Event is anticipated to maximize Global Boxing viewership and it will drastically increase the commercial aspect of the Sport, that in return, will benefit the entire Boxing community. LAST BOXER STANDING INTRODUCTION Background Worldwide, professional boxing has suffered considerable decline in the popularity stakes. By and large, other sporting codes have introduced necessary changes in their respective codes, to mitigate the crisis. Characteristically perhaps boxing has been slow and lethargic in its response to changing patterns and the evolution of sport. Examples:  Cricket has introduced the popular T20 series as a response to dwindling spectator numbers.  In rugby, the Rugby Sevens tournaments have brought back the sparkle and excitement into the sport. Consequently the numbers of television viewers has increased tenfold. Motivation One of the dominant discourses in the world of boxing today is the impact of technology in boxing. We have the abilities and the capacities to become aggressive catalysts in the continent and abroad. Carpe Diem (sieze the day) “This world is changing enormously. In any position in a company you need to work very hard on learning new skills every day, but you also need to unlearn some of the old skills from the past.” Paul Polman renowned Dutch Businessman, goes on to say that we are living in a changing world. A new world is being born and we need new ideas, new ways of seeing, new relationships and new paradigms. WCCLBS embrace change and have the vision to apply new ideas,... read more


The Law and the CCMA   POLYGRAPH TESTS AND THE LAW IN SOUTH AFRICA In South Africa there is currently no legislation regulating the use of the polygraph. Therefore, there is nothing prohibiting or preventing the submission of polygraph results to corroborate other evidence in our Courts of Law. It is also legal to request employees to voluntarily subject themselves to polygraph examinations. It is very important to note that polygraph results were never intended to provide irrefutable probative evidence to a Court of Law. The polygraph is an investigative tool and polygraph results should be used primarily to assist investigators in narrowing investigations by identifying suspects and collecting information relevant to the investigation. Polygraph results should therefore be submitted to a Court only when they can corroborate other admissible evidence and assist the Court in reaching a verdict. Proper polygraph procedures comply in every respect with the contents of the Constitution and the Labour Relations Act, and actively promote fair labour practices and respect for the human rights of the examinee, because it affords the innocent person an opportunity to be heard and to prove their innocence. Polygraph results can be utilized in labour disputes and disciplinary enquiries. The acceptance of polygraph examination results will depend largely on the credibility and qualification of the examiner and the manner in which the examination was conducted. Polygraph results have been submitted and acknowledged in a number of Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) cases recently, and they are frequently submitted during internal investigations and disciplinary hearings to corroborate other evidence. It appears that the question is not so much... read more

How to Rank Your Brand New Website on Google: 23 Easy Tactics to Know

How to Rank Your Brand New Website on Google: 23 Easy Tactics to Know by Rintu Biswas  Search engine optimization is an accumulation of strategies and techniques used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking in search results. An important feature of SEO is making your website intelligible for both users and search engine robots. SEO helps the engines figure out what a particular page is all about, and how it may be useful for users. In today’s high level of competition, it is imperative to be as high as possible in the search results, and that comes with an efficient SEO strategy. However, many aren’t sure of how to rank a new website on Google. Although search engines are highly sophisticated, they still have virtual limitations that a human brain doesn’t. @positionly Click to tweet Let’s have a look at the two types of SEO: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. ON-Page SEO On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual pages in order to obtain a higher ranking and earn more relevant organic traffic. In this piece, you will find different tips about On-page SEO: 1. Start title tags with your target keyword: You company/product may be right up on the Google search results page with the appropriate keyword, channeling a huge amount of traffic to your website. On the contrary, a misadvised or inappropriate keyword can make your site’s chance towards prominence more remote than ever. The title of the article defines its content, and as such, a keyword rich title holds greater weight with Google. In general, the closer... read more

Seven Ways to Develop Positive Self Talk

7 Ways to Develop Positive Self Talk By Camille Charbonneau              7 Ways to Develop Positive Self Talk and attack success “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson Is your glass half empty or half full? The conversations we have with ourselves (also known as self-talk) play a very important role in how we feel, act, and perform. Believe it or not, the words you tell yourself can directly affect your confidence, energy, satisfaction, and success. That’s because we all have two voices in our head: a negative one, and a positive one. One is useful, and the other, not so much! Many of us tend to think more negatively when we encounter setbacks, mistakes, and challenges. The good news is that we can fix this! I’m not saying that your negative perspective will magically disappear – but you can work on changing it with these positive self-talk activities and tips. Easy Tricks to Positive Self-Talk 1. Take a second to think about it. Like any type of behaviour change, the first step is always self-awareness. It will be tough to change the way you think if you are NOT aware of how you talk to yourself in the first place. You need to realize the kind of things that go through your head on a daily basis. Here’s how you can begin your journey on the road to positive self-talk: At the end of the day, grab a piece of paper, or the notepad in your phone, and write about your performance that day: what you thought about yourself, and how you handled difficult situations.... read more


FIRST LAST FIGHTER STANDING CHAMPIONSHIPS PROVED TO BE THE SHOWDOWN OF THE YEAR! 16 October 2016 ~ BULLETsport Last Fighter Standing The exciting new all-styles martial-arts hand-to-hand combat tournament Last Fighter Standing had their first GRAND FINALE tournament yesterday 15 October 2016 the Ticketpro DomeDome in Johannesburg South Africa.   The built up to the much anticipated first ever LAST FIGHTER STANDING CHAMPIONSHIPS brought VEGAS TO SOUTH AFRICA in a phenomenal display of world class fighting including a bonus entertainment performance by the renowned South African MTV award winning band #MiCasa. Presented by LFS ambassador, Hollywood star and Martial Artist Michael Jai White       Last Fighter Standing is set to become a global phenomenon, attracting the most superior fighters the world has to offer. The unique set of rules gives all styles of martial arts, including but not limited to Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Kick boxing, Karate, MMA and many others. For the first time ever, the world of fighting and martial arts will be unified in the same league. #LFS brings to the arena the best of the best in every hand-to-hand combat discipline, allowing fighters to display the secret weapons and prowess of their style. A number of rules make LFS a unique fighting concept. Only 20 seconds on the ground gives fighters the opportunity to perform more all-rounded fights, having to display the best of their striking skills, as well as the best of their ground techniques due to the limited time on the ground. With shortened 3 X 2-minutes Rounds, and a final bout of 5 X 2-minute rounds, as well as a... read more

Hack-proof Your Life in 14 Steps

Hack-proof Your Life in 14 Steps Published by http://carteblanche.dstv.com/hack-proof-life/  9 October 2016 We are constantly connected. Whether it’s on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer – connectivity is a given. However, by being connected almost 24/7, it also opens up the doors to a few scaly characters itching to get their hands on your personal information. Here are 13 top-tips that should set you in good stead towards hack-proofing your life.   1.   Use strong passwords. Hackers tend to use special software that runs automatically and tries to guess your password by attempting different combinations of words, numbers and symbols. The more complex the password, the longer it’ll take for the software to figure it out. 2.   Change your password regularly. This is especially important when it comes to your online banking and other personal services. Also avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. If the idea of multiple passwords leaves you cold, there are several free and reliable password management apps available. 3.   Clear browser history. This applies to all devices you use to go online – your computer, tablet and smartphone. Most mainstream browsers keep a detailed record of what you do online, what you share and what you save and/or send. If you want to protect your online privacy, clearing your browser data is a clever move. You can also make use of Incognito browsing and prevent your browser from storing data. 4.   Avoid free Wi-Fi hotspots when you can. Since these Wi-Fi networks aren’t password protected, it’s much easier for sinister users to access the network. Once they have access... read more

5 Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

By Zsuzsa Kecsmar Published http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com  September 13, 2016   Do you use Facebook for business? Looking for new ways to show off your products? You can do more than posting photos to your page to get more customers and prospects to see your products. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to increase the visibility of your products on Facebook.   #1: Ask Fans to Show Their Love for Your Products A user-generated content (UGC) campaign is all about asking for and sharing your customers’ content. People love taking photos and videos of the stuff they love, so treat each sharer like a brand ambassador. Whether customers are wearing, using, or just chatting about your products, their photos and videos can showcase your products in an authentic way and help you reach a wider audience. UGC also gives current customers new ideas for using your products and helps inspire prospects to make a purchase. The best way to get UGC is to come right out and ask for it. For example, you might offer fans an incentive to post photos, such as a giveaway contest where people need to take a photo with your product to enter. You could also offer a special discount for fans who share their photos on Facebook using your campaign hashtag. It’s all about letting fans know you want to share their content.     Dance brand Capezio shares user-generated content on their Facebook page using the hashtag #FanFriday.   In addition to Facebook, you can solicit and share UGC on other social channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube. If you need... read more

5 Things You Should Delete From Facebook Right Now

5 Things You Should Delete From Facebook Right Now By: Rob Waugh’s Yahoo Blog | 3 June 2016   When it comes to privacy, Facebook really isn’t your friend – and even if you’re careful, you might be giving away more than you think. For instance, would you want EVERY person you’ve ever handed your mobile number to be able to find you, instantly, from a simple search? Or would you want people to be able to work out your ‘secret’ crush who you’ve been searching for on Facebook? No? Very sensible. Here are five things you should probably delete from Facebook – if you value your privacy, your relationship and your job. Your phone number   If you’ve ever put your mobile number on your Facebook profile – something FB is keen for you to do if you upload pictures from mobile – you should worry. By default, people can search for you using your number, even if you’ve hidden it from your profile. Many users are not even aware they ARE ‘sharing’ their mobile number in this way. To get rid of it, tap on your profile picture, then go to Update Info. Facebook says, ‘Everyone who uses Facebook has control of the information they share, this includes the information people include within their profile, and who can see this information. Our Privacy Basics tool has a series of helpful guides that explain how people can quickly and easily decide what information they share and who they share it with.’ Your ‘Likes’   Your LIkes are actually very visible on Facebook – and can be searched, so... read more


BULLETLife | Apollo the Misguided Missile ( a children’s story) Apolla Leisure Books BookBub Book Lounge Kidsbooks – Bedtime stories Maroela Media Jonathan Ball Publishers South Africa SouthAfrica.info Associated Media Publishing Media24 Cape Times The New York Times USA TODAY Apollo the Misguided Missile is a children’s story that provides tools for peaceful conflict resolution and for dealing for bullies. The book is written by George Wilkens and was illustrated by an South African friend who now resides in the USA, Michelle Rich Williams. The book is ready to be published but the dream is fully dependable on Crowdfunding… Bullet TV hereby calls on all publishers, media houses, investors and business entrepreneurs to spread the word far and wide. We believe the message of this book is one of extreme importance globally in the intrest of our children! Michelle Rich Williams, posted this message on her personal Facebook yesterday! let’s make this circle bigger! Cape Town, South Africa SouthAfrican Adverts “To all my friends and family, and friends that are like family smile emoticon I have finally had the opportunity to take part in a venture, where I got to illustrate a book, written by George Wilkins, that is ready to be published. I do need your help though. Please take a look at the campaign and see how you can contribute. Even if just by forwarding this to someone you know that could help out. We are on indiegogo.com, and this is a presales campaign to raise the funds to publish the book. You can receive copies of the book, signed or even stuth a dedication to you... read more

Facebook Live Video Map Shows Global Broadcasts: This Week in Social Media

Facebook Live Video Map Shows Global Broadcasts: This Week in Social Media By Grace Duffy  May 21, 2016 What’s New This Week Facebook Rolls Out Interactive Live Broadcast Map: Facebook introduced an “interactive map that shows you [public Facebook Live] streams that you can tune into in real-time” from all over the world and “who’s watching the video you’ve selected.” The Next Web reports that this new feature “has been around for the past month, but it’s now easier to find on Facebook’s desktop site.” The interactive map is rolling out slowly throughout the world, but there’s been no word on when it will be available globally. Facebook rolled out an interactive map that shows you public Facebook Live streams from around the world that you can tune into in real time. Twitter Opens Audience Platform Worldwide and Adds New Creative Formats: Twitter announced that “advertisers who want to drive website clicks or conversions or mobile app installs can seamlessly extend their campaigns to Twitter’s audience of more than 800 million visitors – whether they’re on Twitter or engaging with thousands of mobile apps and websites.” By opening the Twitter Audience Platform to all advertisers worldwide, Twitter gave advertisers the ability to “reach a larger audience” and “easily measure [their] cross-device campaigns directly within [the] ads dashboard.” Twitter also rolled out “new creative formats to help direct response advertisers better connect with this influential, high-intent audience across both mobile and desktop.” WATCH HERE:  Expand your reach with the Twitter Audience Platform Facebook Expands Video Ads to Third-Party Publishers: Facebook Audience Network will now deliver video ads in “both in-stream and in-article formats.” In-stream video ads... read more

Last Fighter Standing signs broadcasting partnership with e.tv

Last Fighter Standing signs broadcasting partnership with e.tv  Media | Last Fighter Standing Championship | Martial Arts South Africa South Africa’s second largest broadcaster, e.tv has partnered with a new big budget Martial Arts and Combat Sport fights promotions company, Last Fighter Standing (LFS) to broadcast a 12-part reality TV show as well as the finale being held on Saturday, 15 October at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. The 12-part reality show, which premieres on Monday, 25 July at 22:30 follows fighters from various martial art disciplines around the country in their quest to be crowned the Last Fighter Standing South African Champion 2016 – and thereby winning their share of R1-million. “I’m extremely excited to bring another world class production to local television. We aren’t holding back on any costs for the production of the reality show or the live entertainment on the actual fight nights. I believe there has been a lack in entertainment and production value in MMA and we plan to rectify the matter by grabbing the bull by the horns and giving viewers something that they have never seen before,” says LFS CEO Quinton van der Burgh. “This is the first stage of an international roll out and are currently in talks with global territories to air their versions of LFS which will ultimately end up with the best fighters from around the world battling it out to announce the greatest fighter in the world. This is a product that will allow for nations to unite and stand behind their respective fighters as there will be a contender from every corner of the globe. We... read more

MyCiTi bus services suspended in parts of Milnerton amid protest

 MyCiTi bus services suspended in parts of Milnerton amid protest Angry taxi operators torched at least three cars & a MyCiTi bus stop in protest against the bus service. Disgruntled taxi drivers torched at least three vehicles in Cape Town in protest against the rollout of the MyCiTi bus service. Natalie Malgas | as Published on EWN CAPE TOWN – MyCiTi bus services have been suspended in parts of Milnerton following disruptive protests in Joe Slovo. Earlier today, angry taxi operators torched at least three cars and a MyCiTi bus stop in protest against the bus service running in the area. Police are maintaining a strong presence in the Joe Slovo informal settlement as group of residents have joined the protesting taxi drivers. Drivers say they’ve been locked out of talks between taxi operators and city officials ahead of the rollout of bus service in the area. “We just need the permission to operate next to the buses because not all of us went to school. These taxis are our living.” The charred shells of the three vehicles dot Democracy and Freedom Way and angry taxi drivers have vowed to shut down all public transport services. Curious onlookers lined the streets as police vehicles raced through a local informal settlement. Additional law enforcement and public order police have been called in to monitor the situation. The drivers fear the introduction of MyCiTi service in the area will threaten their livelihood. CITY OF CT RESPONDS TO PROTEST The City of Cape Town has condemned the violent taxi protests. The City’s Brett Herron says there is no merit to claims that Joe... read more

rAge Expo: The Ultimate Geek Experience lands in the Mother City

rAge Expo: The Ultimate Geek Experience lands in the Mother City Report by Neshika Thakurdin · March 10,2016 Make sure that you don’t miss out on the action by purchasing your rAge expo tickets. Tickets cost R550 which offers you access to the event over the three days. You also have the option of purchasing a day ticket at R 100 per person or a weekend ticket at R 250 per person. rAge 2016 in Cape Town Thousands of gaming fanatics will gather from 18 to 20 March at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. Located in Goodwood, Cape Town, the venue offers enough space to accommodate the crowds of fans. You can shop for the latest technology at the event or enjoy all things Geek and tech. Whether you are looking for new games and consoles or laptops for sale, you can find what you need at this year’s rAge Expo. You can get the most out of your gaming experience by buying an Alienware laptop. With more RAM you can enjoy excellent speed and performance while you are running multiple applications. If you are looking for a gaming pc for sale, you can browse through the latest models at the event. When it comes to rAge Cape Town, gaming enthusiasts can’t wait to be a part of the fun. Guests at the event will have the opportunity to meet the creators of popular local comic books. Another highlight of rAge 2016 is the opportunity to take selfies alongside cosplayers. The event also transports you into the future so that you can experience the latest technology and try... read more


WARNINGS ABOUT ROADBLOCKS HAVE MORE POSITIVE AFFECTS THAN TRYING TO CATCH THE OFFENDERS Why Cape Town needs a Roadblock unit Published on News24 Janine Van der Post | Wheels Bentley shows off new Flying Spur V8 S © Arrive Alive WATCH OUT, DRIVERS! The City of Cape Town’s new Roadblock Unit is working very well and making people more aware of drunk driving consequences. Cape Town – Earlier in January, Wheels24 reported that Capetonians could expect more roadblocks with the launch of a dedicated unit aimed at stopping drunk drivers, car thieves and illegal street racers. The unit will be responsible for executing roadblocks on a permanent basis in the city. The City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate has created an integrated Roadblock Unit, comprising 18 members from various departments including traffic service, metro Police, law enforcement and the Western Cape traffic department. Public mindset The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith spoke to Wheels24 and explains how the integrated Metro Police Roadblock Unit came about. Do you think regular road blocks will curb drunk drivers and car thieves? Will the new unit clampdown on illegal street racing in the City? “As a policing maxim that says he who controls the roads, controls crime. If I play my mind back to eight or nine years, we were doing quite a lot of roadblocks but over time the scope of demand on the city in terms of what we’re expected to do. Now we have a gang and drug task team, and we’re doing a lot of stuff, the scope of the demand... read more

WhatsApp users lured in by malware

WhatsApp users lured in by malware Written by: Clare Hopping News 11 Jan, 2016 Free messaging app service users are frequently targeted by malicious campaigns, according to research Criminals distributing malware are targeting WhatsApp users, security researchers have discovered. The malware is being distributed in emails appearing to be from WhatsApp and these messages are being sent out in bulk, attempting to target as many users as possible, Comodo has revealed. The most common emails sent to users are being disguised as notifications from the company that a user has missed a call or has received audio recording they haven’t listened to. Users are alsp being sent other notifications too, including a video note, so WhatsApp users must be vigilant, the company said. These emails do not come from a WhatsApp email address, even though they are clearly branded as so, making it easier to identify as fraudulent, Comodo added. The malware itself appears as an email attachment and encourages the user to download it in order to listen to their message or view the missed calls/messages. A variant of the Nivdort family of malware, the virus replicates itself into a number of the computer’s system folders and installing as an auto-run file in the computer’s registry. “Cyber criminals are becoming more and more like marketers – trying to use creative subject lines to have unsuspecting emails be clicked and opened to spread malware,” said Fatih Orhan, director of technology for Comodo and the Comodo Antispam Labs. “As a company, Comodo is working diligently in creating innovative technology solutions that stay a step ahead of the cyber criminals, protect... read more

2016 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Experts By Lisa D. Jenkins

2016 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Experts By Lisa D. Jenkins December 31, 2015 Are you looking for the hot marketing trends coming in 2016? Do you want to know where social media pros are focusing their attention? In 2015, new platforms made a big splash and several popular networks monetized. To get you ready for what’s coming next, we asked 14 social media marketing experts what to watch for in the new year. 2016 Social media marketing predictions from 14 experts. Here’s what they had to say: #1: Social Media Goes Private Mitch Joel Make no mistake about it, the most social of social activity is going to happen in two unique and private places: private groups and messaging apps. Whether it’s on Facebook or LinkedIn, we’re already starting to see usage of private groups take hold and a surge in people creating them. It’s no secret that if you ask power users on Facebook where they’re seeing the most value from the platform, it’s coming from the private groups that they’re part of. Snapchat started this, but the shift to messaging apps (think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, etc.) is going to force brands to get a lot more private and personal with their social media expenditure. What does all of this mean? We are pushing ever closer to a new kind of social media: one that happens on these public and for-profit channels and networks, but one where the best (and possibly most valuable) content can only be seen by those who are granted permission to see it… or by a small group of people. The... read more

City enforcement agencies target a happy new year

CITY OF CAPE TOWN 29 DECEMBER 2015 MEDIA RELEASE   City enforcement agencies target a happy new year   The City of Cape Town appeals to residents to be cautious and sensible this New Year’s Eve. There will be no leniency when it comes to drinking and driving or the illegal discharge of fireworks. Read more below: With New Year’s Eve almost upon us the City would like to remind residents to ensure their celebrations do not infringe on the rights or safety of others. While this is traditionally a time to unwind and celebrate the year behind us, we must do so within the confines of the law.   “I would like to remind residents that drinking and driving will be dealt with as severely as the law allows. Not only do you place your life at risk when doing so, but also the lives of other innocent road users. The City’s law enforcement agencies, in conjunction with SAPS, will be staging road blocks at strategic points through the evening, and will not tolerate any driver that  is found to have exceeded the legal limit,” said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.   Further to this we would like to remind residents that the discharge of fireworks is only allowed at the following approved sites:   Westfleur Sportsfield, Reygerdal Drive, Atlantis Tourism Centre, Athens Road Table View – Beach front Bishop Lavis Sportsfield, Lavis Drive, Bishop Lavis Metropolitan Sportsground, Melkhout Street, Bonteheuwel Delft Central, Sportsground, Main Road, Delft Swartklip Sports Complex, cnr Spine and Swartklip Roads, Mitchells Plain Athlone Stadium parking area (Eastern side),... read more

Reminder: Water restrictions to be implemented from 1 January 2016

CITY OF CAPE TOWN 29 DECEMBER 2015 MEDIA RELEASE   Reminder: Water restrictions to be implemented from 1 January 2016   From 1 January 2016 water will be more expensive. This has been implemented in order to encourage water saving. Read more below:   The City of Cape Town would like to remind residents that the implementation of Level 2 water restrictions will be effective from 1 January .   Customers should note that they will be charged according to a tariff designed to be approximately revenue-neutral when applied to the 10% reduced consumption levels of an average user. In other words, if a resident uses 24 kl of water in a month this will cost them R294,62 under Level 1 conditions. However, under Level 2 conditions, 10% less water (21.6kl) will cost approximately this much.       The same amount (24kl) will now cost R344,75. This is to encourage water saving. The increases have been calibrated to have a smaller impact on small domestic consumers and households that use water efficiently. Customers who use large amounts of water will face larger price increases. For an average domestic customer, the differences in price are as follows:   Steps Unit Level 1 (10% reduction) Level 2 (20% reduction) Step 1 (0 < 6 kl) Per kl R0 R0 Step 2 (>6 < 10,5 kl) Per kl R11,07 R11,66 Step 3 (>10,5 < 20 kl) Per kl R15,87 R18,24 Step 4 (>20 < 35 kl) Per kl R23,51 R29,75 Step 5 (>35 < 50 kl) Per kl R29,03 R45,40 Step 6 (>50 kl) Per kl R38,30 R85,09   To explain... read more

Ageing white workforce to impact SA labour market – report

Ageing white workforce to impact SA labour market – report Dec 23 2015 16:33 Carin Smith Cape Town – The white workforce in South Africa is ageing and this has implications in areas ranging from employment equity to the shortage of skilled individuals, the SA Institute of Race Relations (IRR) said in a report on labour market trends issued on Wednesday. In 2015 close to half (48.5%) of what the IRR refers to as “African economically active people” were aged below 35. For the white population, about two-thirds (66.6%) of economically active people were aged 35 and above. According to the report, the labour market participation rates of the different race groups show that the rate for Africans has picked up since 1994. However, it still lags behind that of the white population by roughly ten percentage points. “Young Africans largely bear the brunt of unemployment. The number of unemployed people has increased faster than that of the employed. In addition, many unemployed people have been out of a job for several years, lessening the likelihood of again finding one,” according to the IRR. There is also a correlation between education and employment, with the unemployment rate of people with a tertiary qualification being less than half that of people with only a primary education. The IRR regards the quality of South Africa’s schools as a central obstacle to the employment of young people. READ: Labour policies driving poor from jobs – IRR The labour force absorption rate of Africans is very low at 40.7% – lower than in 2001 (42.1%). It is also about 20 percentage points below... read more

City of Cape Town still mum over sewage infested ocean

City of Cape Town still mum over sewage infested ocean Frightening levels of E-coli pollution found on beaches from Cape Town to Durban still spell disaster for beachgoers this December. By Laura Bradfield – November 26, 2015 Nothing has been done about the 50 million litres of raw sewage, still being pumped into the Cape’s oceans daily. The public was asked to contest this unethical practice in July of this year, and responded. Amongst these letters, was this one shared publically by Dr Jo Barnes from Stellenbosch University’s Community Health Sector to the Director of Waste Management. Absolutely nothing has been done. The European Union refuses to import fish from our coastline due to the high level of toxicity found in the fish captured off our coasts. It makes you wonder, what level of toxicity does the water need to reach before the fish captured from it are no longer fit for human consumption? In a recent interview with Prof. Edda Weimann: The Professor warned of the rising danger of untreated sewage water to the public; saying the risk for children and people with immune disorders is particularly high, although she says, “the beach is a risk to everyone”. Having seen many cases of healthy swimmers and paddlers contracting infections, she confessed to no longer swimming at the beaches herself. “It is up to the public to put pressure on the City to start treating the sewage properly before pumping it into the bay. It is a danger to the public. It could result in an epidemic at any time.”– Prof. E. Weimann South Africans are at the mercy of... read more

City warns that vehicle licence disc renewal notices are still not being sent

27 NOVEMBER 2015 / MEDIA RELEASE City warns that vehicle licence disc renewal notices are still not being sent   Motorists whose vehicle licence discs expire on 30 November 2015 and are renewable by 22 December 2015 and those whose discs expire on 31 December 2015 and are renewable by 22 January 2016 will not be receiving renewal notices. Read more below:   The City of Cape Town asks motorists to act proactively and to check the renewal date on their existing licence disc to ensure that the necessary arrangements are made, and to renew discs online where possible. Motorists are also reminded that the National Department of Transport’s new requirements apply, i.e. of providing, amongst others, proof of residence when applying for a motor vehicle licence disc renewal.   ‘It is currently the busiest time of the year for our municipal offices, which include our motor vehicle registration centres. This, coupled with the additional requirements and also the lack of renewal notices, is affecting the turnaround time per customer. Motorists and other customers may also experience longer queues than what is the norm. We are doing everything in our power to ease any inconvenience to our residents, including deploying additional staff and moving staff between offices as hotspots arise,’ said the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson.   Proof of address includes, among others, a utility bill issued by the municipality, and a telephone account or retail store account (provided that it is not older than three months). For a full list of acceptable documents that constitute proof, residents can visit the Western Cape Government website: www.westerncape.gov.za/tpw.... read more

The power of the masses is real!

The power of the masses is real! For businesses, every social media platform is an opportunity to connect with their target audience. But it’s a double-edged sword. Strategizing and managing even a couple of social media platforms is a daunting task. Especially given that businesses have many promises to keep on social media. Here is some relevant data on social media. 60% of your company mentions on Twitter occur when you aren’t at office. 42% of users who complain on social media expect a response from brands within 60 minutes. 58% of marketers state that original content (written and visual) is the cornerstone of social media marketing. As per DOMO, 2460000 pieces of content is shared every minute on Facebook. On Twitter, users tweet 277,000 times per minute. The power of the masses is... read more

Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This

Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This Written by Peter Van Buren  Saturday November 14, 2015 You don’t want to read this, and I take no pleasure in writing it, and no one really wants to hear it right now. But I believe it needs to be said. I join the world in grieving for the dead in Paris. I have grieved for the dead from 9/11 forward — the Australians who died in terror attacks on Bali in 2005, Londoners who died in terror attacks in 2005, the French citizens who died in the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January of this year, the Russians whose plane went down over the Sinai a week or so ago. I grieve also for those killed in smaller attacks already smuggled deep into the obscurity of our memory. And so we Tweet hashtags and phrases in high school French and post GIFs to Facebook. We know what to do; we’ve done this before. But it has to be said, especially looking at the sick repetition of the same story, that despite fourteen plus years of a war on terror, terror seems to be with us as much as ever, maybe even more. It is time to rethink what we have done and are doing. Since that day in 2001, the one with those terrible sparkling blue skies in New York, we have spied on the world, Americans at home and foreigners abroad, yet no one detected anything that stopped the Paris attacks. We gave up much to that spying and got nothing in return. Since 2001, the United States has led nations... read more

City events inject billions into the local economy

City events inject billions into the local economy   Cape Town has increasingly become a popular events destination of choice. Testimony to this is the significant year-on-year increase in the number of events being hosted in the city. Aside from the huge economic injection into the local economy, the creation of much-needed jobs is also welcomed. While these jobs may be temporary in nature, they afford the individuals an opportunity to gain on-the-job training. Read more below:    The City of Cape Town supported 45 events in the first quarterof 2013 (July to September). This number increased steadily to 90 events in 2014 and to a phenomenal 165 events in 2015. The economic spin-offs from these events hold enormous benefits for the city and its residents. This year there has been a mix of events hosted across the city. A number of national junior sporting events took place at indoor venues during the mid-year school holidays and a range of cultural events and music festivals featured on the events calendar. Other indoor events that were well suited for the winter season were the Innovation Summit, the Maker Faire and various entrepreneurship conferences. Winter festivals seem to be gaining some ground on the more traditional events and this year they took place in Somerset West and Durbanville.   Added to this mix are the bigger sporting events that attract a large number of domestic and international participants and media. These events are the biggest contributors to local coffers. While it is not always possible to establish the economic contribution of all events, the international exposure for the city is phenomenal. The City’s support is part of... read more

Has Facebook Accidentally Revolutionised Recruitment with its Latest Change?

Has Facebook Accidentally Revolutionised Recruitment with its Latest Change? From prominence.social This week, Facebook announced a change to the way their messaging systems work, which has the potential to significantly impact the way recruiters reach out to prospective candidates. HeadHunter’s insight: In short, the change means that you are virtually guaranteed to have your recruitment message at least read by a large proportion of Facebook’s massive, and more importantly, very active, audience (that’s 1.5 billion people, 84% of which check it daily, to be precise). The potential of this new feature for recruitment is massive (just look at the example we mocked up above), especially when it comes to connecting with passive talent. With LinkedIn InMails remaining the most popular cold prospecting tool (email is still favoured for warm leads), it is about time there was another option that, when used correctly, has the potential to generate higher response rates. In short, the change means that you are virtual… and for those who are not clear, virtual is a term used by Henri Bergson, Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda to denote potentiality as being equally real to actuality, but in a different manner.... read more

Social Media Hiring : This doesn’t work if your culture sucks

Social Media Hiring : This doesn’t work if your culture sucks Some people are still skeptical about social media recruiting, though I can’t figure out why. The success stories on both companies and individuals finding their dream match through a social media recruitment campaign keep rolling in. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other emerging platforms are being used by job seekers to network and plan their next career move. With the transparency inherent in social media, employers can learn about candidates like never before. Unlike a resume, social platforms can give you acomprehensive picture of whom you’re hiring. There’s no question that social media is changing the way business works — and the trend goes well beyond marketing. Savvy companies are looking to social media trends to assist with their recruiting and hiring. One of the easiest ways to use social media for recruiting is to review an applicant’s own public postings and accounts, providing a better picture of him or her as a potential employee. But be careful. Once you review a candidate’s online profile, a court will assume you are aware of that person’s “protected characteristics” that are often part of their online postings.   These characteristics include gender and race as well as those that are not always evident in a face-to-face interview such as religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. In such cases employers need to be particularly careful not to expand their interview questions or decision-making beyond legal interview limits. Social media also allows for connections with candidates in a more personal and engaging manner. Social media can be used to form relationships with candidates and create an outlet of communication that may... read more

Criminals fail to outrun City’s Ghost Squad

Criminals fail to outrun City’s Ghost Squad CITY OF CAPE TOWN 21 SEPTEMBER 2015 MEDIA RELEASE Bigshot TV City traffic officers were led on their fair share of high-speed chases this weekend, but the law-breakers came off second best. Read more below: A motorist will appear in court soon, after fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run incident in Athlone and leading the City of Cape Town’s Ghost Squad on a high-speed chase. The driver, in a Toyota Cressida, hit a female pedestrian on the corner of Klipfontein and Hazel Roads just before 22:00 on Saturday 19 September 2015. Ghost Squad members on patrol in the area gave chase as the motorist sped off towards Gugulethu. He eventually came to a stop after colliding with another vehicle in Crossroads and then fled on foot, but officers caught up with him. The suspect was taken to the Athlone Police Station and will appear in court on charges of reckless and negligent driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Hours later, the Ghost Squad arrested three motorists for reckless and negligent driving while responding to complaints of illegal street racing in Mitchells Plain. Two others were arrested for drunk driving – one of whom refused to stop, leading officers on a chase which eventually ended in Philippi. He was found to be four times over the legal blood-alcohol limit. ‘In both cases, these motorists are facing charges additional to those which put them on our radar in the first place. The lesson here is to just pull over and take responsibility for your actions,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for... read more

Bigshot TV on Facebook – a World First

Bigshot TV on Facebook – a World First Bigshot TV Plans BigShot Media, who are undoubtedly the leading endurance sports event TV Production Company in Africa joined forces with Paparazzi Studios and Majohi Consultants to launch Bigshot TV on 10 October 2015 with a full program line-up they will stream live off the Bighsot TV Facebook Page, a world first.   The technological breakthrough is as a result of months of testing by BigShot Live and showcased on Bighost TV, a division of BigShot Media, the production company that’s responsible for the TV coverage of many of South Africa’s most significant mountain bike and triathlon events, including the ABSA Cape Epic, Cape Pioneer Trek, DuToit Tankwa Trek and the Standard Bank Ironman. Bigshot TV is all about combining creativity and technology to deliver quality viewing that is freely available directly on the Facebook platform internationally. Simply visit the Facebook page at this URL link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigshot-TV/959482407422078?ref=hl and ‘LIKE’ the page. To watch Bigshot TV Live, all you have to do is click on the LIVE TV button on top of the Bigshot TV Facebook page where you normally find the buttons for PHOTOS – FRIENDS – EVENTS – VIDEOS etc. to view. You can also ‘share’ the page to various other social media platforms are at the bottom of the LIVE TV page at this URL link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigshot-TV/959482407422078?sk=app_1481957128771221 Sneak preview for the Bigshot TV line-up A sneak preview of the Bigshot TV Program Line-up promises cover across various topics showcasing West Coast talent and news with 5 categories including entertainment, music, movies, tourism, extreme events & sport, a Bigshot Car show, Bigshot Schools, a virtual... read more

Bigshot TV a World First

Bigshot TV a World First Media Release: Friday 4 September 2015 by Heidi Croxford The Tour of Homewood mountain bike stage race will make technology history when it becomes the first mountain bike stage race to offer live-streaming coverage for the complete event on BIGSHOT TV a world first straight off the Bigshot TV Facebook page  Action from the three-day race, which will be based at the Fancourt Golf Estate in the town of George in South Africa’s Western Cape province, will be able to be followed via a livestreaming feed on Bigshot TV The technological breakthrough is as a result of months of testing by BigShot Live and showcased on Bighost TV, a division of BigShot Media, the production company that’s responsible for the TV coverage of many of South Africa’s most significant mountain bike and triathlon events, including the ABSA Cape Epic, Cape Pioneer Trek, DuToit Tankwa Trek and the Standard Bank Ironman. BigShot Media, who are undoubtedly the leading endurance sports event TV production company in Africa. joined forces with Paparazzi and Majohi and is launching Bigshot TV on 10 October 2015 with a full program lineup they will stream live off the Bighsot TV facebook Page, another world first. They are all about combining creativity and technology to deliver quality viewing and we have no doubt they will make a success of this pioneering project at the Tour of Homewood,” The Tour of Homewood The Tour of Homewood starts on Friday 4 September and comprise of three stages with distances ranging from 55-76km per day with 1200–1700m of vertical ascent. Each stage will start and finish at... read more

Respect for and compliance with the decisions of the press council.

Respect for and compliance with the decisions of the press council. The Press Council of SA said that the print media should continue to regulate itself while beefing up its oversight bodies and codes. The council endorsed the system of media self-regulation and proposed sweeping changes to the South African Press Code and the functioning of the office of the press ombudsman following the release of a task team report  after a year-long probe wherein they examined over 100 various press codes from around the world.  This finding raised respect for and compliance with the decisions of the press council. The report was commissioned amid complaints by the African National Congress about media coverage and proposals at its 2007 national conference to set up a media appeals tribunal to replace the existing self-regulation of the media. “The wide-ranging survey of media regulatory practices undertaken convinced the task team and the press council that statutory regulation is not warranted in South Africa and that self-regulation remains the best option for Countries with strong traditions of freedom of expression and that have optimum co-operation among the media, practice self-regulation”, the council said.   Recommendations A member of the task team, Professor Franz Kruger of the University of the Witwatersrand, said the press council prefer not to get involved in the proposed media tribunal. “We don’t want any relationship with the media tribunal. We have reaffirmed our position that self-regulation is the best practice. The tribunal is a bad idea,” he said at a presentation of the report in Johannesburg. The report recommended restructuring the press council to include a director to deal with the public on press standards and media freedom and... read more

Quality is not a one man job!

Quality is not a one man job By Adapt2Change / Newsletters Jul 11 2012  There seems to be a perception in certain organizations that quality only relates to the quality of a product produced and that this is only the responsibility of the quality inspector. But they cannot be more wrong! Quality should be part and parcel of everything that we do! Quality is not a one man job! The quality of the message taken by the receptionist while you are out of the office is important. If the receptionist got the name or number wrong it could prevent you from returning a very important call. The quality of the driver checking the quantity of the goods he collects can result in an inadvertent production line stoppage if he fails to collect the right quantity of goods. The quality of the information received in a report can save you the time from having to redo it or if the quality is poor, it can disguise an underlying problem and lead you to take an incorrect decision. The quality of the service provided by your security guards can prevent a burglary. The examples can go on and on, but from the few examples listed one can clearly deduce that doing quality work in its most basic form is merely the act of consistently and without fail adhering to the standards set out for you to perform to. It is about consistent conformance to requirements. Looking at it from this perspective it is clear that everyone should focus every single day on improving the quality in their area of work. The question is…... read more