Power of the Masses

The internet, the new playground of the masses, it is the playground for our imagination. A place to explore or create new things and rethink existing rules and constraints. Accessible to anyone to play in, both as an individual or a business regardless of stance, creed, race, age or status, it brought with it, an empowering source of unlimited information. It is undoubtedly, the playground of the masses… and the power of the masses is real.

It’s exciting to explore such a beautiful mix of art, information and code where technical complexity gives rise to informative content. Successful platforms gain interest by touching hearts and from there, the term ‘content is king’, was born.

Human cognition is underpinned by the complex interaction of numerous individual processes. Sensory, perceptual and cognitive interaction combines to form the human experience relates to our learning, understanding and memory, development, speech and language processing, thinking and reasoning, mental imagery and visual and auditory perception.

Turn online platforms into your business’s playground.

Many get nervous about “giving information away for free.” This shouldn’t be a worry; your top competitors are surely already doing it. One Google search will easily show that. As would their stronger bottom line.

For your business to thrive in today’s online world, a strong online presence where everyone can come to ‘play’, is a must. Paid advertising on AdWords and social platforms will produce immediate results, but for long-term success, nothing trumps content marketing.

And it all begins with what I call “home base”, your website’s blog. Blogging serves as the base for all other digital outlets; it provides content for social media, newsletters and a source for other websites to attribute and link to.

Don’t think like a service or product business when marketing through your blog. Think more like a publisher and offer valuable posts that offers your reader’s fulfilled experience. Give them a playground they want to return to.

Blogging is your playground’s foundation. So, how can you make it work for you?


1. Focus on reader needs, not your service or product.

Too many business blogs discuss services and products, which immediately turns off readers. Save that language for your main service pages. Instead, focus on adding value to the reader through education and/or entertainment.

2. Optimize for search.

After narrowing in on a topic, turn your attention to keyword research, a must if you want optimal search results. Optimise each blog post for one or two target keywords and use related keywords (“blogs for business owners,” “blog strategy,” etc.).

3. Write an attention-grabbing headline.

Create a headline that immediately grabs attention (and include your target keyword). What works best is offering specific facts or tips and fostering a sense of curiosity. Keep titles to 60 characters maximum because search engines truncate everything afterward.


4. Prioritize quality, frequency and consistency.

First is quality. Ensure that all your blog posts undergo a strict editing process. Misinformation and grammatical errors will have your prospects looking elsewhere

Next is frequency. More is always better. Some clients can do as little as three blog posts per month, and as much as 15 per week. Of course, the latter scaled more quickly in search rankings. We’ve found that the sweet spot for SMBs is a minimum of six per month, and for mid-to-enterprise businesses it’s 12 a month.

Don’t forget consistency. Push blog posts live at the same time every week; this shows reliability, brand identity and brand value and it builds your brand’s experience that in return leads to ongoing audience anticipation.


5. Attribute key influencers.

Be a team player! Collaborate, share and give credit to your peers. Attribute influencers within the vertical you’re blogging about. Include valuable input, research and information available from influencers where possible. Show your audience that you care about the industry and acknowledge the everchanging effects of constant development that promotes growth and that provides real value.

The upside here is credibility that can also lead to viral attention if influencers recommend, mention and or share it to their respective online channels.


6. Engage through social platforms

Some businesses think they can simply start a blog, and everyone will come to their website. But without a huge following or strong SEO, this is nearly impossible. The solution for true engagement lies in sharing your latest blog posts across all social media channels. This adds another layer of value, and greater reach, to your home-base content marketing efforts.