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Apollo the Misguided Missile is a children’s story that provides tools for peaceful conflict resolution and for dealing for bullies. The book is written by George Wilkens and was illustrated by an South African friend who now resides in the USA, Michelle Rich Williams. The book is ready to be published but the dream is fully dependable on Crowdfunding

Bullet TV hereby calls on all publishers, media houses, investors and business entrepreneurs to spread the word far and wide. We believe the message of this book is one of extreme importance globally in the intrest of our children!

Michelle Rich Williams, posted this message on her personal Facebook yesterday! let’s make this circle bigger! Cape Town, South Africa SouthAfrican Adverts

“To all my friends and family, and friends that are like family smile emoticon
I have finally had the opportunity to take part in a venture, where I got to illustrate a book, written by George Wilkins, that is ready to be published.
I do need your help though. Please take a look at the campaign and see how you can contribute. Even if just by forwarding this to someone you know that could help out.

We are on indiegogo.com, and this is a presales campaign to raise the funds to publish the book. You can receive copies of the book, signed or even stuth a dedication to you or person of your choice. Even if you have no use for a children’s book, you can donate it to a local library, church, school library or classroom or give it to friends with kids. No matter what day it is on the calendar, the Christmas holidays are always coming, people always have birthdays, etc. This book had a positive message about how conflict can be solved peacefully.
Help us spread this message by getting it published, and making my dream come true!
Thanks for reading this message!

Apollo the Misguided Missile
A children’s story that provides tools for peaceful conflict resolution and for dealing for bullies | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!