S T O R I E S from K R A K O W

I’m the girl who moved away from her family.

I’m battling with so much each and every day. Yet, I keep smiling. I keep going and I keep doing everything I know I can do best. To be the best mom to my only son and the best wife to the love of my life. But I’m the girl who moved away from her family.

The phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, and video calls can only do so much on the days you need advice, you need a hug, or you just need someone to vent to. You feel like you start to forget their voices, and they’re living happily without you.
All the birthdays, and holidays you miss, and their fun family photos to follow that you aren’t in, and some days you wish you could drop everything and go back.
You wish you could just fly home, you wish you could hug your dad, mom, sister, all family.
You wish your dad would lecture you one more time, you and your mom could go get coffee and talk, your sister would sing a song with you just for one more time.

But the hard thing about all of this, is there is no going back.

You are here to grow, you are here to provide for your family now, you are here to remember all the family moments and cherish them as much as you can, and never take any moment for granted when you see them next. Some days I’m in my bathroom breaking down, and some days I miss my families calls cause I’m too busy making everything okay.

It comes in waves but when it hits just remember: It’s okay to miss home (I hope it misses me too)

with ♡ from Krakow