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Krakow Train Station

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The station opened on 13 October 1847, with the first train leaving for Mysłowice (the point where the Austrian, German and Russian Empires adjoined during military partitions of Poland). The railway line was extended eastwards in 1856, when the first section to Dębica (then Dembitz in the Habsburg Empire) was built by the Galician Railway of Archduke Charles Louis connecting Kraków with Lwów (then Lemberg) in Galicia.
The increasing traffic resulted in the station’s modernization and enlargement in several stages between 1869 and 1894.

The next substantial expansion took place in the 1930s in the reborn Polish Republic. At that time the northern brick wall and trainshed were demolished, the latter replaced by individual platform roofs.

A new urban shopping mall, Galeria Krakowska (Kraków Mall), opened in September 2006 with adjacent parking for 1,400 cars.
The construction of the Galeria Krakowska and remodelling of the area in front of the main station building means that taxis are no longer able to drive up to the station or collect passengers directly from the main entrance; however, the free overhead parking and passenger pick-up right above the tracks is now closer to the platforms, accessible via a convenient elevator. The station has undergone a multimillion złoty refurbishment to improve passengers’ experience.

A new transport interchange has been developed. This includes a bus station to the east, and an express tram line under the station which opened in December 2008.

A new underground ticket hall opened in February 2014, with waiting rooms, travel centres and other amenities.
This is located to the north of the earlier platform underpass, and connected to the platforms by escalators. It also provides two new direct exits/entrances to the station complex, one from the lower level of Galeria Krakowska and another from the Regional Bus Station located to the east of the railway station.
The current platform underpass will also be refurbished. As part of this large investment all platforms and tracks have been replaced.
Only once you leave South Africa, do you really understand just how badly our infrastructure has deteriorated since 1994.
Krakow Station
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