S T O R I E S from K R A K O W

SA expats weekend in Poland

Moving abroad, whether for a new adventure, a new job, love, to learn a new language or for education, is a huge step and complete change. You take yourself out of the ordinary and put yourself into a strange, and not-so-comfortable, world.

The first months are lonely, exhausting, and you question your every move, mannerisms and whether or not you can make it out alive. Simple tasks like going from A to B seem challenging and stressful, making new friends is daunting, and sometimes your days are spent watching Netflix and wondering if you should just give up and move back home.

We are truly blessed to have made new friends, both SA expats and Polish citizens. Being able to have trust and confidence in our friends is one of the most important requirements to survive relocation abroad, because true friendship means we are able to count on one another.
This weekend was one that once again will go down in our book of life as a memorable, fun and loving one.


Bartosz and I took a 2 hour scenic route back home this morning past rivers, lakes and awesome mountain passes again.
Life truly is a blessing if you can switch off, ignore technology & social media for a day or two, spend some quality time with real good friends, and when we take the time to open our eyes and see all the beauty around us.
Have a happy Sunday
with ♡ from Krakow