WCCLBS drives its focus as much on boxing development, as it does on the entertainment and spectator engagement. The Reality Show and the Event is anticipated to maximize Global Boxing viewership and it will drastically increase the commercial aspect of the Sport, that in return, will benefit the entire Boxing community.



Worldwide, professional boxing has suffered considerable decline in the popularity stakes. By and large, other sporting codes have introduced necessary changes in their respective codes, to mitigate the crisis. Characteristically perhaps boxing has been slow and lethargic in its response to changing patterns and the evolution of sport.


  1.  Cricket has introduced the popular T20 series as a response to dwindling spectator numbers.
  2.  In rugby, the Rugby Sevens tournaments have brought back the sparkle and excitement into the sport.

Consequently the numbers of television viewers has increased tenfold.


One of the dominant discourses in the world of boxing today is the impact of technology in boxing. We have the abilities and the capacities to become aggressive catalysts in the continent and abroad. Carpe Diem (sieze the day)

“This world is changing enormously. In any position in a company you need to work very hard on learning new skills every day, but you also need to unlearn some of the old skills from the past.” Paul Polman renowned Dutch Businessman, goes on to say that we are living in a changing world. A new world is being born and we need new ideas, new ways of seeing, new relationships and new paradigms.

WCCLBS embrace change and have the vision to apply new ideas, new ways and new relationships in our quest to uplift the sport of boxing and to play a major role in ongoing development, growth and support of the sport globally.

Who we Are

Since as far back as 2012, we spent an unbelievable amount of research, time and resources, in their quest to create fantastic new combat sport concepts that is geared up for maximum spectator entertainment and non-stop action. It opened the doors for extreme sport reality tv shows like none other, and so 2016 saw the birth of the production & Reality/Sport TV series LAST FIGHTER STANDING.

The producer of this big budget production, Michael Bender, left no stone unturned and was extremely fortunate to have worked with legendary martial arts hall of fame & Hollywood star, MICHAEL JAI WHITE, as the show presenter. Together they took the South African viewers on a journey into the LIVES of the participating fighters across various martial arts platforms.

During 2016, Last Fighter Standing (season 1) was the most watched reality TV show across all channels in South Africa with over 7, 5 million viewers, and a global social media reach exceeding 6, 6 million, delivering a WORLD CLASS production and setting new standards in Showbiz Entertainment Globally!


GRAND FINALE 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWroIPgxFG4


SHOW REEL   2016          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d09JZ2PXY_4&feature=youtu.be

Sadly only South African viewers got to see the Last Fighter Standing reality sport tv show as broadcasted on the 2nd largest SA TV Channel E.TV .

The Concept

  1. WCCLBS presents the concept LAST BOXER STANDING as an antidote to rekindle, recapture and catalyse the hitherto inert sport of boxing.
  2. This idea is the brainchild of an experienced group of individuals who have been seriously aggrieved by the seeming demise of their beloved sport.
  3. In this regard the entity proposes to work hand in hand in glove with WBC and prospective partners as yourself, in order to achieve the desired goal.

WCCLBS is a new Global elimination structure revolutionary concept with a real punch that brings together clubs, coaches and fighters globally in search for the greatest Boxer on earth, representing their clubs, countries and genders. With equal opportunities for male and female athletes, this event will create new iconic boxing legends, inspiring men, women and children around the world.

Any club from anywhere in the world can enter their best professional boxers to represent their club and country. Boxing clubs from around the globe will play an eminent part of this great concept in our quest to create a platform where the destiny of the boxers are in their own hands. It will pave the way to the first ever LAST BOXER STANDING WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP!

With this new unified focus, we envision the entire Boxing industry to work together as a globally driven structure, celebrating legends like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and alike…. those boxers that drove this industry and inspired many athletes, and giving rise to NEW boxing talent.

During December 2016 we visited the US where we met with the WBC President, Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, who expressed sincere interest.

We since secured the full support of Boxing South Africa (BSA) who endorse our plans as the SA Boxing Sanctioning body. We also enjoy the support of some past and current boxing talent i.e. Chris van Heerden, Shane “Sugar” Mosley and Brian Mitchell.


LBS CONCEPT           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97YdEd1bbvs

We identified mutually beneficial business opportunities we believe various partners, might find as viable business prospects that offers real tangible business possibilities.


Startup Investment Support / Partnership / Business Investment / Sponsorship

Our goal is to take the Production of Last Boxer Standing, to a Global Boxing Audience. Towards the end of this year (2017), the producers of LBS plan to bring you the first ever Last BOXER Standing Reality Sport TV Show that will knock your socks off.

This reality sport show will follow the participating boxers and take you into the lives of these boxers covering their stories, training camps, the emotion, dedication and sacrifices that goes on behind the scenes – those untold stories that forms part of the journey to become a legend!

Many film producers have captivated audience over decades with movies like Enter the Dragon (with legendary Bruce-Lee), Blood Sport & Kickboxer (with Jean Claude Van Dame), Mortal Combat and the latest movie, Warrior. (with Tom Hardy & Frank Grillo).


Back in the Jungle” will bring the next big fighting event back to Africa following on the “Rumble in the Jungle” fight between the legendary Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. This fight marked its place in history as one of the biggest Global Sensations putting Africa on the map. It was a fight that was instrumental in the development of the sport of Boxing Worldwide, something we plan to build forward on through this production.

The LBS Four Nations Championship will have 4 Super Powers send in their best of the best to fight for the honour of their Country. The Four Nations Grand Finale will take place at the exquisite & world renowned LOST CITY, South Africa. This famous holiday destination is part of one of Africa’s flagship destinations Sun City and is owned & managed by Sun International, one of our sponsors,

Champions from USA, RUSSIA, JAPAN and CHINA will compete against each other in the Gladiator Style elimination structure on African soil until only ONE stands Victorious and takes the Title and the Honour to their homeland!!

We just launched a crowdfunding campaign*** in our quest to give birth to this project. You can find the full story at this link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/last-boxer-standing-reality-tv/

*** On this funding page you can find out more about our history and credentials of past experience & successes.


Endorsements / Guest Appearance And Or Global Ambassadors Status

The Last Boxer Standing is not just a fighting championship. It creates opportunities, empowerment and benefits in a broader sense and concentrates on the entertainment value. We want to ensure the fans get to see their heroes.

Last Boxer Standing believes in Social Responsibility values and stands to promote Global community upliftment initiatives, sports development, and new employment opportunities. We will not only contribute to the sport but we will also film it and take it back to our fans.

  • LBS stands to create jobs in numerous sectors, varying from Boxing Officials, to events management staffing and production element manpower.
  • LBS will also be one of the first platforms in the world to give equal prize money and status to woman
  • Non-Profit Organization to assist in the development of athletes.
  •  Female empowerment
  • Socio-economic empowerment (BEE)
  • Employment creation and encouraging volunteerism
  • Promotion and empowerment of local goods and services
  • Promotion of social behaviour and sportsmanship
  • Marketing and media
  • Positioning and promotion for the hosting city or country
  • Promotion of local sports programs
  • Media & broadcasting coverage of the event and the destination
  • Local sports development opportunities
  • Start of a local sports and business program for youth (students)
  • New event growth opportunities
  • Implementation and promotion of other economic empowerment policies

We invite sponsors, partners, investors, sport associations, boxing clubs and the boxing community & supporters, to join us on the WCCLBS journey and become part of this great concept!

For further information kindly contact Heidi Croxford at heidi@lastboxerstanding.com

OR VISIT http://www.lastboxerstanding.com/reality-sports-tv-show/