Wrapping up 2018 and Looking Ahead with Majohi Consultants

Wrapping up 2018 and looking ahead is a vital part to ending the business year. Call it fatigue, call it a case of the post-Halloween blues, call it what you will, but as you may have noticed, there’s been a delay in this month’s output across most industries. Most businesses endured an unusually rough year, with life throwing some unfortunate, tough and definitely unexpected curveballs at us. We all started 2018 with the intend to make it a super year, but reality didn’t quite synch up with many’s ambitions.

So, what does this mean while I clumsily perambulate around the bush?

I’m so glad you asked (not really, but hey, it sounded like something to say). The remainder of December will be a hybrid month, with lots of reading, sunbathing, long walks on the beach and sipping cocktails at noon (Yes, I decided that as some think that is how one works, it does seem like a pretty nice way to end the year!) So, for the rest of December, I’ll be applying my creative and intellectual mind to things that really matters. Which brings us to 2019… I’ve delayed taking action in my own life, for the sake of other people’s dreams and needs, for far too long. I did enough for everyone else and finally reached the point where my future needs my full attention.  So, what exactly is in the pipeline?

2018 ain’t over yet. My usual blog stuff has been temporarily sidelined by a top-secret brand new project, but I dare not mention any more. Let’s just say I’m jazzed about it and can’t wait to share the good news with everyone  2019.

But wait, there’s more! That’s not all you get from Majohi Consultants, because there are sure to be more surprises install for 2019. I’m still toying with some ideas about other life altering changes which I plan to reveal next year as well. Prepare to be astounded, and rocked to your very core (Okay, we might want to dial your enthusiasm down a notch. Excitement of the great new prospects may have gotten the best of me). As always, we remain true to the cause, work hard and stay humble. Watch this space in 2019 and simply stay tuned.


Back to business, in wrapping up 2018, I chose a few core points dedicated to ALL employers, managers and businesses owners.

There are no such thing as “OVERQUALIFIED EMPLOYEES”. Think about it. You Get MORE than What You Pay For them ! This chart below that applies to every profession, yet most pronounced in the IT, social media, technical, teaching, medical, sales, brand & marketing and management fields, among others.

This chart is supported by multiple studies and are proven facts. 

  1. There are no overqualified employees, only under-reported age discrimination.
  2. Great employees can solve problems you didn’t even know existed.
  3. You hire them not to tell them what to do, you hire them so they can tell you what to do.
  4.  “Overqualified” employees are only overqualified for insecure bosses. For good leaders they are rock stars who will make everyone in the team look great.
  5. Instead of calling them “overqualified” consider calling them “someone who will help us to change course”, “someone who we all can learn from”, “someone who will make a great difference”.

To those employees who lives this truth, my advice is simple. Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated. If they do not see the real value of you, it’s time for a brand new start. If you dread Mondays, and your favorite F-word is Friday, then perhaps it’s time to answer the call of those recruiters.

Do good to others not because of who they are, but because of who you are.

This phrase is passed on from generation to generation as a means of providing morality. Since most of the recipients have a sense of empathy, the message is generally well received. Morality is our set of guidelines on how to live, and what is right and wrong. For the majority of my life, I have abided by this golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. There are many messages that can be drawn from this rule, but there are three main conclusions:


  1. Don’t treat others badly unless you want to be treated badly,
  2. If you put nothing in, then you will get nothing out, and
  3. If you are kind and grateful, then others will be the same in return.


To me the argument is the most basic –  even though it can have the largest consequences if not followed. It seems fairly simple, don’t steal, harm others, etc or bad things will come to you. Many people, however, believe that they are inherently special and that they can avoid the consequences of their bad actions. If you treat others badly, then you were either treated badly, or you will get what is coming to you, and others will treat you how you’ve treated others. This may seem like a fairly abstract concept, but the golden rule wouldn’t be the golden rule unless many people believed in it.


Essentially, the most commonly drawn conclusion from the golden rule is don’t treat others badly unless you want the same to happen to you.

To be leaders, we have to understand that

  1. Loyal criticism is a true blessing
  2. Loyalty is built on honesty and trust
  3. Loyal employees are precious gems, not stepping stones


“Never push loyal people to the point where they do not give a damn !” If we are not ready to be loyal to our loyal employees, we are not ready to lead them. 



And on this note it’s a wrap from Majohi for 2018! Go into the world and spread some magic! Majohi wishes happiness, love, peace and harmony to ALL mankind.

Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones. Spread a bit of joy. Forgive but don’t forget… learn from 2018 to grow in 2019!

Happy Holidays!

From Heidi's Pen - Majohi Consultants