S T O R I E S from K R A K O W

Złota Polska Jesień (The Golden Autumn of Poland).

Autumn in Krakow can be spectacular. In fact, the locals call the season the Złota Polska Jesień (The Golden Autumn of Poland).
It certainly lives up to the name!
October is one of the most beautiful months in Poland. It’s mid autumn here averaging around 9° daily now, with bronze & golden leaves falling from trees.
Nature is draped in a blanket of leaves in beautiful warm colours from bronze, golden yellows, fiery orange, deep red and brown, decorating mother earth whilst the heathers are more amazing than ever.
You can feel a special, cozy atmosphere as families are out and about, picking mushrooms or going for long walks in the forests.
This year, we are seeing a much colder autumn than usual and we are expecting an icy winter that seems to be approaching fast and furious.


With ♡ from Krakow